Love In The Gardens of ManhattanLove In The Gardens of Manhattan
by Sharon Rose Anderson

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Miranda, facing divorce after a long marriage, becomes a glamorous pianist in a New York garden cafe. Her husband, Hal, returns with his muslim lover to life as an oil prince in Saudi Arabia.  Miranda transforms sadness into laughter as Betty Boop. In black, spiked wig and red, satin gown of the classic funny girl, Miranda plays piano and sings Helen Kane's famous songs. A handsome stranger enters this glitzy world. It is love at first sight.  However, conflicts explode since Dak's knowledge of music extends to naming his dog Beethoven. His wife seeks his financial ruination. His down home family and angry, teenage daughter try to destroy the couple's relationship, and Miranda's grown children plot to end her love affair.  When Dak gets a job, the couple flee to Taiwan. Unable to adjust to the culture and climate, Miranda returns home, and Dak is fired. Jobless, the two now face economic disaster. Hal returns home gravely ill, and Miranda is torn between her new love and her old love of many years. 
A heartwarming love story for all those people seeking a relationship in mid life.


Jangala: A Wild Place In The Heart
by Sharon Rose Anderson

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Jangala: A Wild Place In The Heart is a dark, gritty memoir-like novel. It is both a psychological thriller and a powerful love story.

Jangala is also a novel with a serious message for our times. Told in rivetting prose, sometimes awesome in its intense beauty, it confronts with rare honesty the huge emotional cost of today's terrorist warfare on the young men and women thrust into its hit-and-run horror. In a certain sense, when readers come to its final pages, its closure, Jangala brings to their minds, just as Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms and Tolstoy's War and Peace do, that profound solace of rightness and emotional consolation.

The hero of Jangala, Nev, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, like so many young men and women who have faced the horror of contemporary guerrilla/terrorist warfare. He is repelled but hopelessly fascinated by the in-your-face, antiwar activist, Kore, who flaunts her opinions on everything from love to war and is not afraid to use her huge intellect in a battle of wits with the man she scorns but to whom she is sexually attracted at the outset. The love-hate relationship between Nev and Kore will keep the reader turning the pages. How will these two fiery individuals ever resolve their contempt for each other and submit to the power of their mysterious attraction?

The understanding and compassion of both characters must emerge from their harrowing, personal battle. Then the real challenge presents itself, and it becomes a choice for Kore between a seemingly impossible life with the traumatized Nev, whom she comes to recognize as truly heroic, or the easy life with Carlton in return for slavish idolatry and the hope of advancement in the literary world.


"Your novel has a remarkable narrative power, originality and resonance. Your gift for imagery is apparent throughout, as is your skillful character development...Ms.Anderson's writing is not only consistently excellent but evidences the kind of depth and understanding that distinguishes fine literature. Her writing enlarges our appreciation of the human condition, and mirrors a profound social commitment." - Aleta M. Daley/ Maximilian Becker Literary Agency, New York, NY.

"Jangala" is an extremely interesting book with some very harrowing reliving of Vietnam." - Claudia Menza Literary agency, New York, NY.

This novel is both powerful and disturbing." - Leslie Stern/HarperCollins Publishers

"Ms. Anderson-Alter is certainly a wonderful writer with a refreshingly new voice." - Anne Hamilton, Assistant Editor, Warner Books, Inc., New York, NY

"It is a memorable book to which I have given much thought...I was impressed with the strength of the female protagonist, and the author's vivid characterization of her." - Julia Serebrinsky, Associate Manuscript Editor, NAL/DUTTON, New York, NY

"I found the plot compelling, the characters real, and the energy palpable." - Scott Moyers, Editor, SCRIBNER/Simon & Schuster, New York, NY

"The book has a fascinating premise." - Linda Healey, Pantheon Books

"Sharon Anderson-Alter is a colorful writer with a bracingly blunt style." - Jesse Cohen, Editor, Nan A. Talese/ Doubleday


"Upsetting, terrifying, dazzling - unputdownable." Dr. Doe Lang - author of "The New Secrets of Charisma" and cultural columnist for DBR Media in New York.

"Astounding" - Professor Eleonor Walenius, former Head of English Department at Ecole Secondaire Etienne Brule, Toronto, Canada.

"When I got out of the desert, I was literally staggering" - Dr. Fred Flahiff, former Professor of English at St. Michael's College, University of Toronto.

"I applaud Sharon Anderson's writing for its depth of characters and background settings." Polly Guerin, Professor- Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City.